Q3 DeFraG video archive


(last update 29.09.2023)


Welcome Quaker,

Since Youtube and other streaming platforms remove the music from many videos, here are old school direct download links.

DeFraG videos

These videos are no longer on my Youtube channel or on Vimeo.


Over the years, i tried to gather many DeFraG videos as possible.
Recently i sorted them and decided to share the whole collection.
If you can help me in any way to complete or modify this collection (like better quality files, year of release, missing or new videos, etc) i would be grateful that you contact me at chri[dot]petitjean[at]gmail[dot]com


Maybe in the futur i will also complete my Quake 3 Frag movies collection and upload it here too.


I hope you will enjoy the content here.




Christian "breacH" Petitjean




Edit 29.09.2023:
No more self host! Huge thanks to Livetek for providing me with hosting! <3